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Online Dispensary Web Design

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SEO for Cannabis in Canada

We can target any city with keyword such as; ''Buy weed in Toronto'', ''Buy weed Ontario'', ''order CBD online'' and more

SEO and Web Design for Cannabis Dispensary in Canada
Expert for SEO for Cannabis Dispensary

SEO in Cannabis is Very Competitive in 2021

Don't be fool by a scammer that pretends they can rank your website for $100 per month. If that was so easy everyone one will be on Google Page 1! For Cannabis You Need a Real expert that can do Hight Competition SEO in Canada.

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Pricing for our Cannabis Solutions

Pricing Plan

Those prices are NON-Negotiable Easy Payment via Interact E-Transfer. Not Accepting any % on Sale or any other commission.

400 Per Month
  • Up to 4h or labor per month
  • 1 to 5 keywords
  • On Going On-site SEO
  • On Going Backlinks
1000 Per Month
  • Up to 10h or labor per month
  • 1 to 20 keywords
  • On-Going On-site SEO
  • On-Going Backlinks
5000 USD Per Month
  • Up to 40h or labor per month
  • 1 to 50 keywords
  • On-Going On-site SEO
  • On-Going Backlinks
This is a Good Question! To be Honest Weed is Super Competitive but we are very good to target keyword that other SEO agency will forget or that are not Over Used. For Example if you go with the minimum budget it may took 1 year if you want target the keyword ''buy weed online'', But only few weeks to Rank with ''Buy Medical Cannabis in ''Vancouver'' or ''Order weed online in Toronto'' Keep in Mind some Competitors have a very big budget and you need to be realistic with your goals, we don't have any control on Google or any other search Engine and if you have a budget of $1000 per month , and you want beat a competitor that have a 10k per month budget with 3 SEO guys it may be very hard to outrank them.

We ranked a Website that in Google page 1 with ''Buy Weed Online'' it took 16 month with a 1k per month budget .

We ranked another site With ''Buy Medical Weed Toronto'' it took 2 month with a $400/m budget.
We Use a large amount of the Money to buy Backlinks and other technical stuff we need to Boost your domain authority and the rest o the money cover our Labor time, we can't undo or cancel waht we do.

with over 10,000 keywords on the First page of Goggle for all our customers in multiple industry we know what we doing and we can't provide any refund of any kind, no exception.
If your Domain is New, we need to boost is Authority on Search Engine in Order to rank better and faster with More and More Keywords. The fastest way to Boost your domain authority is to Use Backlinks with Good Anchor from High Authority Websites around the worlds

1-SEO is not something tat will happen over night

2-If i create a Backlinks Today it can take of to 90day to get all the Benefit from it.

3-Don't expect sell for 100,000$ of cannabis per month just because you have a new cannabis dispensary. If your patient and want the thing get done properly we can help you!
At BoltRanking our SEO for cannabis can be powerful and you may end up to get lot of visibility, if you told us that your have a Legit License for Cannabis and it turn you just operating a Illegal Cannabis Dispensary with a .ca domain, the COPS can take over the domain in this Case all the money invest in Backlink or SEO is wasted and we are not responsible.

We will Provide you for Free a Clone of your Banned Website and we will Upload it on any new domain you have for 100% FREE.

But understand you will need to restart your SEO from Scratch or/and take advantage old the Customer email list you have to notice everyone about your new URL.
We can't have any Cannabis Dispensary on our own Server , however we can help you to find a good offshore hosting solutions.